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Luke 4:16-22

As I prayed for you (brothers & sisters) who have reached out with prayer requests this past week, these verses in Scripture is what our LORD gave me to share with you.

It came quickly, actually I found it was miraculously waiting for me to receive your request. It is so crazy how He amazes me each time He shows Himself faithful to His children in REAL ways. Our God, our Father in Heaven knows what we need even before we ask, the answer is already waiting for us, our asking is acknowledging our need for Him in EVERYTHING!

Our pastor has been preaching on expectations recently. Do we expect our God to act on our behalf or not? Beloved He is ACTING/moving, listening, answering and even beckoning us to turn to Him in all things, every day.

Holy Spirit increase our expectation!

I bless you who have reached out not only to me but anyone willing to pray to God in the Name of Jesus for and with you. I bless you in the Name of Jesus Christ. There is power in the Word of God, please ask the Holy Spirit for insight into this passage from the gospel of Luke for you personally who have reached out directly for prayer (this IS for you), receive His active Word by faith and by the grace of God I will continue praying with you by name and the specific details regarding your requests – while seeking to hear and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Let us remember who JESUS is!

Thank you for trusting God’s faithful work in me to shoulder the burden with you as we TRUST our Savior who saves!

Let’s keep praying for one another 🙏🏾 If you have a prayer request and are in need for a saint to stand with you, feel free to send your request to TGN Daily through the form here on the site ==> Prayer Requests Link

Praise God for His LOVE ❤️


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