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Praise the LORD and blessing to you from the loving and faithful heart of the Father in Christ Jesus!

Tomorrow we embark on a NEW year and TGN Daily is embracing this opportunity for a FRESH START as we seek to grow and follow our GOOD Shepherd.

Here is just a glimpse of what you can expect, receive and share in January.

Let’s begin the year with prayer rooted in the Word of God. You will find this Holy Spirit led edification and encouragement to pray on our podcast.

It’s finally going LIVE. A unique monthly Bible Study in the gospel of Luke will become available Friday, January 20th on our TGN Daily Sharecast on Marco Polo. Please check out this POST for the link.

This Bible Study exists to help each of us to stay on the path of continued seeking, learning, growing and maturing by the Word and Spirit of Christ in our personal daily living. If you’re not familiar with the Marco Polo app, it allows for participation from anywhere you desire – at any time. The app is available for FREE (download here).

Yes, the Wholly Yours 4th Friday Fellowship is back for the 3rd year by the grace of God. Wholly Yours is all about intimacy and limits this fellowship to 7 women total. If you can commit to 1-hour every 4th Friday of the month please email your NAME & any questions you have to info@tgndaily.org.

In addition to the above, as prompted by the Holy Spirit you will be able to find NEW episodes of Remember, Sing A New Song, and a brand new ministry of the Word through real life testimony on the TGN Daily Podcast.

Again, this is just a glimpse of how the LORD is directing TGN Daily to start 2023. The Word never gets old, so feel free to utilize the ministry of the Word from 2022 on the podcast and on the website from previous years as you desire and as the Holy Spirit leads. The pursuit will always be to grow in the knowledge of God, that God will be glorified and that the seed of His Word will be watered in YOU by His grace to grow in His love, faith, hope and relationship with and in Christ Jesus.

Happy New Year in our LORD!

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