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The greatest power in the world today is the power of people to communicate with Almighty God. Prayer is not a scheme whereby we can move God in our lives, but rather a spiritual exercise through which we draw ourselves toward God until we are part of His plan and His purpose. The purpose of prayer is not to give you what you want when you want it but to make you the kind of person God wanted you to be when He put you on the planet Earth. Robert J. Schuller.

As children of God, ambassadors of Christ, disciples of Jesus we are called to PRAY.

Prayer is an important part of our faith in and relationship with the Most High God and His Son Jesus Christ. TGN Daily, uses our site ( |, Marco Polo and podcast platforms to serve as a monthly reminder and opportunity to meet at the throne of our gracious and merciful God who HEARS us through constant, consistent, diligent, earnest, humble personal prayer by Faith in Jesus' Name. Receive the ministry of the Word simply by clicking the 1 John 5:14 image above to be directed to the TGN Daily Podcast.  
Ministry of God’s Word TODAY

Whether you are NEW or looking to keep GROWING in prayer to our God – this is for YOU! Our GOOD Father is always helping us and providing what we need to turn to Him, join with Him and mature in Him. It’s our responsibility to receive and utilize it by faith in Christ Jesus.

If you are in need for someone to pray with you, TGN Daily’s Marco Polo & Tele-conference line are open to you by dropping a request in our Prayer Request form. When you utilize the Prayer Request form, you can trust in Christ Jesus working through His servants that you will be prayed for and if requested and/or necessary to be contacted to pray with. But don’t stop here, always remember that the provision of the LORD also comes through believers in your own life, and the ministers within your local church.

Let’s be a people, who belong to God, who are praying to Him day and night for all things and on all occasions.

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