Our Collective

TGN Daily is an open collective of ordinary individuals who believe, confess and follow Jesus Christ with their whole hearts and lives freely, willingly, authentically and transparently. They are lovers of the Most High God, and servants who are still growing, yet pursue walking obediently before Him by faith and empowered by the Holy Spirit in the ministry of Christ completely rooted in His Word. Joined to different local church families, and living diverse lives with different personal responsibilities, each child serves to contribute and collaborate in the capacity the LORD has made clear and in the unity of the Spirit, aligned to the purposes God has spoken TGN Daily into existence. TGN Daily is all about JESUS and the ministry of His Word, and not any other individual that you may meet, see and hear from. We seek to serve our LORD Jesus Christ for your good and His glory in all that we do. Praise the LORD with us, and may you be blessed in the Name of Jesus with everything we get to share for the edification of the body in intimate relationship with our Holy God and fellowship with one another in His Son as He prepares the Bride for His glorious return. Amen!

Sharon: Teaching & Prayer Contributor

Sharon is a wife & mother that makes her home in Long Beach. She is committed to giving her whole life to Christ in every way He makes her able. She is a lover of His Word (graduating from seminary with her husband) and loves to share Him with people in every way that He leads her (in & outside of the church walls, her answer is always YES to Jesus). Sharon and LaToya have served God together, leading a weekly Bible Study in LB, before Sharon took the official lead as the LORD directed the transfer of the ministry into her willing hands. Sharon has prayed TGN Daily into action and TGN Daily is honored to let her serve the LORD as our God empowers her to deliver His Word to His daughters through Friday Word!

ALL for His GLORY!

LaToya: Ministry Director & Collaborator

LaToya is simply a creation of God’s Grace delivering word equipping spaces of God’s Grace through TGN Daily as directed and led by the Holy Spirit. At the start you will hear a lot from LaToya, but she is ultimately just a child of God breaking ground and making room for more children to serve God and edify the saints through the ministry of His Word in Christ Jesus in fellowship, worship & prayer! You’ll find LaToya currently in Orange County, but she has learned her HOME is JESUS. Wherever He is, is where she will be. LaToya is honored to live life in Christ with & alongside her sisters and their families! Praying always that all who serve with/alongside and partner with God in/for TGN Daily be continuously blessed as they are a blessing in the Kingdom of God.

ALL for His GLORY!

As the LORD continues to add every day faithful saints to serve Him through TGN Daily, we will be quick to introduce them to you.

As you are able please keep us in prayer for His glory.

Honoring our past contributors in Jesus’ Name: Jenna (Day & Night Meditation) | Susie (Ministry Contributor) | Mary (Prayer Contributor)