Ministry of the Word

It is important that the Word of God is ALWAYS near us and in our hearts; making our hearts a repository of Scripture (Colossians 3:16). If we speed through Scripture it will have far less advantage to us than if we slowed down and retained its message and gleaned its power. We must lodge it securely within our heart and then routinely confirm the inventory. TGN Daily is both humbled and honored to glorify God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ our LORD in serving you in the ministry of His Word on our website and podcast in the power of the Holy Spirit through any of the following:

Hearing of the Word of God

Meditation involves reading a Bible passage several times and thoughtfully considering what it says about God. build the hearing of God’s Word within our hearts and are up to 20 minutes of the spoken Word of God to hear, absorb, ponder, think deeply about and allow the Holy Spirit to root God’s Word in our hearts and minds. If you are NEW to the Word of God; returning from a break; want to learn and grow in your knowledge of the living Word – this is the time for you!


The LORD cultivates delight in our hearts as we listen to Him through His Word.

The LORD is the Greatest Planner! He started His worshippers with Listen; He then moved us to Delight; and now He has combined the two. Listen to Delight is a NEW form of ministry launched softly in 2022 but familiar for those of us who have walked with Him with the previous and those who continue to utilize the TGN Daily archives. Let’s remain faithful in seeking to grow in relationship with our LORD as HE provokes our hearts for more through the ongoing meditation upon His Word. Don’t settle for just enough, let’s keep going deeper with Jesus and may the Holy Spirit enhance our worship of Him. You will find Listen to Delight on the TGN Daily podcast the 1st Saturday of each month according to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

TGN Daily Meditation Library

11-20 meditations upon the Hearing of the Word available in the TGN Daily Podcast library

Prayer Rooted in the Word of God

Prayer is our response to meditation and study of the Word. What we discover about God overflows into praise, gratitude, and petitions that align with His will.

Pray Always

Personal Prayer

Be edified in your daily prayers with a Word in season from Scripture on the first day of each month on the TGN Daily Podcast.

1st Friday Prayer

Monthly Intercession Sharecast | Live Kick off @ 9a PST

An open opportunity to pray with other believers, for all people and to receive prayer. We will go live at 9a pacific time, and this 30-60 minutes sharecast on the Marco Polo app remains available to the saints for 24 hours to participate in and receive from according to the best timing for the individual with the LORD before being removed and entrusted completely to God, the Father in Christ Jesus. The Sharecast link for 1st Friday Prayer is posted here on the website monthly.

Teaching from & Study of the Word of God

Seeking to learn from and grow in the knowledge of God’s Word.

Friday Word!

Fridays as available on the TGN Daily Podcast

Topical TEACHING in the Scripture of the Holy Bible to come to know God by the truth of His Word, and to be encouraged as you seek to grow in Christ Jesus and walk by faith. Each teaching is no more than 45 minutes.

TGN Devotionals

Monthly – Sundays as available on the TGN Daily Podcast

2021 – My Shepherd | 2022 – S E E K I N G JESUS

5-15 minutes DEVOTIONALS available to build into our loving devotion to God, deeply rooted in the Word of Jesus Christ.

Bible Study

Gospel of Luke via Sharecast on Marco Polo 2023

Study allows us to draw from several Bible passages to gain a greater understanding of the LORD. We benefit by considering the context and writing style of the verses and then asking ourselves what they reveal about God. This informal study exists to honor & worship the LORD through the teaching & study of His Word open to all women on the Marco Polo App. The Sharecast link for Bible Study is posted here on the website monthly.

The Word of God in Reflection, Testimony & Song


2nd Saturdays of the Month

We are commanded to REMEMBER the LORD our God and we will take the time to do so each month as a set reminder and encouragement for all who believe. Join L every 2nd Saturday of the month to REMEMBER and Worship our God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our conversation will be rooted & grounded in the Word of God and we will call to mind the testimonies that exalt Christ Jesus and increase the faith of every believer in Spirit & In Truth.

Sing a New Song!

Old & current playlists found on Spotify & YouTube

Ministry of the Word through SONG Sundays when available. Tap into TGN Daily’s growing playlist and let us SING a new (& sometimes familiar) song according to the Word of God to our LORD today!


Testimony of Faith in God

The apostle Paul encourages Timothy in 1 & 2 Timothy to not be ashamed of the testimony about our LORD (2 Timothy 1:8); and the LORD encourages us through his words to do the same. Testimony on the TGN Daily podcast will aim to encourage and strengthen the believer in faith through the suffering and the celebration that comes in this life on earth in our LORD Jesus Christ to edify and spurn us on in what Paul also writes to Timothy: Compete well for the faith and lay hold of that eternal life you were called for and made your confession in the presence of many witnesses (1 Timothy 6:12). Testimony will be launched through our ministry collaborator LaToya to make room for many more in the future according to the will of God.

Discipleship & Fellowship centered in the Word of God

Wholly Yours!

4th Friday Ministry of Fellowship

Journey alongside no more than 7 other sisters in Worship of God, Edification by the Word, discipleship of Christ & Fellowship in the Faith according to specific themes and topics led by the Holy Spirit that build into the WHOLENESS of our lives! Gathering virtually every 4th Friday of the month, Wholly Yours is our opportunity to go deeper with God, grow with and support like-minded saints in the Spirit of God and take the fruit He develops within us to live always connected to Christ and for the glory of the Father empowered by the Holy Spirit. For more information please email us at

Ministry through our resources below are available as the LORD directs!

Connect Chats

God-honoring conversations rooted in the Word of God.

Seeking to encourage and strengthen the listener, Connect Chats are opportunities as led by the Holy Spirit to listen in on authentic Christ-centered conversation & fellowship between believing women in the Word of God, prayer & the life of faith. Available on The TGN Daily Podcast.


It’s takes a BODY!

Occasionally on the website, TGN Daily will feature other saints & ministers not associated with TGN Daily that are speaking, singing, and providing resource rooted in the Word of God in season for you. TGN Daily will also hold gift giveaways from the outpouring of the goodness of our GOOD Father and God simply to praise His Name and bless you! You will find the goods in the Seek & Find tab and relevant posts.

Love Moore Discipleship

This is LIFEFollowing Jesus, true to His Word together

Christ centered and following discipleship applicable to His reign in our daily life. Discipleship is ongoing and is simply lived in fellowship with other believers in the realities of our daily lives. It’s not a course or session – it’s just LIFE for those of us who believe. If you are a new believer and looking to grow in Christ through authentic connection with other believing women seeking & following after Christ according to His Word and by His Spirit email us at to get connected.